What I developed in this course were better research skills although I can still improve I’ve learned some different techniques in my word choices to help me retrieve the information I was looking for and also helpful information that was interesting and useful


This whole semester of research has simply made me a aware of the many different kinds and types of information rather it was scholarly or good precise information from blog posters

In the video I just want to make sure my point is clear and accepted by my audience


This article It was reiterated on the fact of how smoking just a few cigarettes a day is less harmful than smoking a whole pack. While smoking still is very much damaging to the body while women are pregnant just fewer appose trying to just quite is less harmful. Once your body is exposed to the nicotine it will have an enormous affect on the recovery of your blood cells. Smoking just less than a pack will help one eventually stop smoking gradually appose to trying to just quite.


The object again just like the other article was just to inform simply along with a persuasive kind of tone. Giving women info about harmful substances that will harm their body.


The audience is targeted simply towards pregnant women it’s brief and creditable facts to support the subject. Not only does it provide knowledge about how smoking can affect women while being pregnant but also can affect a women’s health over all.